报告题目:Stability of ZIF-8 Membranes - MOF Membranes for Industrial Applications: Challenges & Approaches报 告 人:Prof. Jerry Y.S. Lin,Arizona State University时间: 6月3日上午9:00地 点:逸夫工程馆4楼会议室欢迎广大师生前往!化学与化工学院2019年5月23日报告人简介:Dr. Jerry Lin is Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University, and Editor of Journal of Membrane Science. He has published 300 referred papers in chemical engineering journals and is one of most cited authors in the field of chemical engineering. Dr. Lin is a fellow of both American Institute of Chemical Engineers and American Association for Advancement of Science and is receipient of AIChE Institute Award for Gas Technologies.

澳门威斯尼斯人手机版2017油气排放及回收国际研讨会,关于举行亚利桑那州立大学Jerry。报 告 人:Prof.Kevin M. Keener, Iowa State University

8月11日,陈群校长在学校新宾馆贵宾室会见了参加“2017油气排放及回收国际研讨会”的加拿大滑铁卢大学Xianshe Feng教授、美国Lamar大学Qiang Xu教授、台湾大学Yang-hsin Shih教授。陈群向3位教授介绍了我校的发展历程、学科优势、人才引进政策等情况,希望3位教授能加强与我校学术交流和合作。学校人事处管春英处长、石油化工学院钟璟副院长、石油工程学院黄维秋教授陪同参加了会见。会见后,陈群为Xianshe Feng教授、Qiang Xu教授颁发了常州大学客座教授聘书。(通讯员/朱玉岚 编辑/陈虎腾)

报告题目:Create Synergy between CO2 Utilization and Biorefinery for Sustainability 报 告 人:林鸿飞 教授(美国华盛顿州立大学)报告时间:2018年12月7日下午15:00报告地点:16号楼214会议室欢迎广大师生前往!化学与化工学院2018年12月6日报告摘要:In line with the development of global decarbonized economy, chemical industry may advance into a new era of manufacturing “carbon-negative” fuels and commodity chemicals from the atmospheric CO2 with renewable energy. Herein, we explore the synergy between CO2 capture utilization and biorefinery for producing “carbon-negative” formate chemicals using biogenic CO2 released from biorefineries. Such a synergy may not only realize zero carbon emission in a biorefinery but also improve the carbon atom efficiency of biorefining process since the released CO2 in conventional biorefineries can be re-captured and converted into the final chemical products. Moreover, a novel catalytic reaction system is presented by coupling the dehydrogenation of glucose with the hydrogenation of a CO2-derived salt, ammonium carbonate, in an ethanol--water mixture. For the first time, the reduction of CO2 to formate by glucose has been achieved under ambient conditions.报告人简介:Dr. Hongfei Lin is an Associate Professor in the Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at Washington State University. He received his B.E and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, China, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University, USA.After graduation, he has been a postdoctoral fellow for two years at the University of California, Santa Barbara and then worked in renewable energy industry for three years.Dr. Lin’s current research focuses on catalysis for sustainability, with the emphasis on developing liquid-phase catalytic processes for production of fuels and chemicals from renewable feedstocks. He has authored 50 scientific papers in the premier scientific journals including Energy and Environmental Science, Green Chemistry, ChemSusChem, etc.He has also delivered numerous presentations in conferences and research institutions. He is the international advisory board member of Energy Technology, and the editorial board member of Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials. He also served as the guest editor for Catalysis Today. He is the current Program Chair of the Energy and Fuels Division of American Chemical Society .


报告题目1:Delivering Sustainable Solutions in a BioEconomy through Industry-University Partnerships

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报告题目2:Atmospheric Plasma – An Exciting Solution to Improving Food Safety and Quality

Xianshe Feng教授:


冯献社教授,国际著名膜科学专家,1995年毕业于加拿大滑铁卢大学,获得工学博士学位。在加拿大阿尔伯塔研究院从事两年膜分离研究工作后,到滑铁卢大学化工系任教至今,曾任纳米工程副主任(2004-2008)及化工系副主任(2010-2012),现任滑铁卢大学终身教授(Full Professor)及大学“研究讲座教授”(“University Research Chair”)。由于在科学研究与技术开发方面成就突出,2006年获得“Premier’s Research Excellence Award”。曾多次获得滑铁卢大学“突出业绩奖”(包括2006, 2010和2014年“Outstanding Performance Award” 及2002, 2005和2013年“Distinguished Performance Award”)。


冯教授主要研究领域为膜科学与技术,包括膜的制备与表征、膜组件设计和过程开发。研究课题涉及:中空纤维膜、非对称复合膜、纳米结构膜;渗透气化、气体分离和膜蒸馏;膜反应器;膜组件吸附分离;温室气体排放控制;挥发性有机物分离及废水处理;生物分离膜等。在国际学术期刊发表论文150 余篇,被SCI 论文引用5000 多次,h-因子达40。多篇文章被列入国际著名的膜科学杂志(Journal of Membrane Science)和分离与纯化技术杂志(Separation and Purification Technology)的最杰出的25 篇论文之一(Top 25 Hottest Articles)。近期发表在膜科学(Journal of Membrane Science)膜蒸馏方面的工作,是该杂志最被下载(“Most Downloaded”)文章之一。关于膜改性的工作被本专业三家主要杂志(Journal of Membrane Science, Desalination and Separation and Purification Technology)评为2014 年以来31 篇对人类生活最具影响力的文章之一(“that can or already hassignificantly impacted people’s lives around the world”)。在渗透汽化方面发表的文章单篇SCI 他引高达600 多次。获得资助主持各类项目20 多项。获得发明专利8 项(部分技术已转让给工业界进行商业开发)。



Qiang Xu教授:


Dr. Qiang Xu is the Full Professor of Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, USA. His main research areas include process synthesis, production scheduling, dynamic simulation and optimization with particular applications in industrial emission reduction, energy saving, process safety, and regional air-quality analysis. He has published 117 peer-reviewt Research Award from AICed papers and given over 220 invited talks and conference presentations. He is the recipient of 2016 Excellence in Process Development Research Award from AIChE , University Scholar Award in 2012, and University Merit Award in 2010. He is also the holder of Anita Riddle Faculty Fellow in 2017 and Distinguished Faculty Research Fellow in 2015 from Lamar University. He is currently the Vice Chair of Technology Transfer & Manufacturing Subdivision of AIChE and the Programming Chair of the Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Subdivision of ACS. Dr. Xu obtained his B.S. degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering respectively, both in 1998; Ph.D. degree in 2003 in chemical engineering, all from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.


Dr. Keener is a nationally recognized expert in food safety, food processing and food technology. Dr. Keener recently accepted a faculty position at Iowa State University as Professor of Food Science and Director of the Centre for Crops Utilization Research and Director of the BioCentury Research Farm.

Yang-hsin Shih教授:

Prior to this appointment Dr. Keener was a Professor of Food Science and Ag. and Bio. Engineering at Purdue University. The goal of his Purdue program was to promote economically sustainable practices in the food industry through engagement with entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, students, and government. He served as the Center Director for the EPA funded Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center. His program efforts accomplished three main objectives: 1) support food entrepreneurs and provide economic development; 2) provide technical assistance to small, medium, and large food processors in food safety, food technology, and food processing saving jobs and money; 3) perform applied research to enhance food quality and food safety, improve processing efficiencies, and reduce waste in food manufacturing. Dr. Keeners support of the food industry and food entrepreneurs was recognized with the Macy Food Science and Technology Award, Purdue University Sharvelle Award, Nolan Mitchell Young Extension Award, American Egg Board Research Award and the International Association of Food Industry Suppliers-Food Process Engineering Institute (IAFIS-FPEI) Food Engineer Award.TheIAFIS-FPEI Award specifically recognizes advancement of knowledge and practice in the food industry. Dr. Keener excels in his unique efforts to use his food engineering and extension expertise along with his leadership skills to achieve close collaboration between academia, industry, and government. Dr. Keener continues collaborations with academic colleagues within the State (Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service), nationwide (Iowa State University, University of Arkansas, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, Auburn University, Southern Illinois University, USDA-ARS), and internationally (Asian Productivity Organization, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), Codex Alimentarius Commission (CODEX)). He also works with USDA-FSIS, FDA, IFT and state trade associations such as the Indiana State Poultry Association and national associations such as the American Egg Board and the United Egg Producers.

Prof. Yang-hsin Shih is a Professor at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of National Taiwan University , Taiwan. Prof. Shih received his B.S. degree in agricultural chemistry from NTU, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering from NTU. In 2002, he conducted a visiting PhD student study in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA.He was an assistant professor and associate professor at the Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences of National Chung Hsing University since 2004. He visited MIT again in 2007as a visiting assistant professor. He has been a NTU faculty since 2010. He also visited the Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics, ETH Zürich, Swiss as a visiting Professor in 2013. His research and teaching interests are in the area of environmental organic chemistry, environmental nanotechnology, environmental biotechnology, soil remediation, transformation kinetics and mechanisms of organic contaminants,photoconversion/bioenergy,and innovative water/wastewater treatment technology.



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